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Edo moved to New York in 1976. He found a city slowly coming out of bankruptcy and lived the whole period of its renewal. Hit by the economic crisis, New York became affordable for young artists that began to move to SoHo and to the East Village attracted by the low rent abandoned factories and small apartments. These artists created a community that soon became the place to be. Before his eyes, the south side of Manhattan was turning into an open-air stage with people playing, painting, writing and acting.
Edo photographed the great protagonists of this historical moment in the course of their daily and night life.


“When Maripol and I went up the Empire State Building on our first day in town, I immediately realised that what laid in front of our eyes was the perfect backdrop for our projects”

Andy Warhol

Coney Island 1981

Potassa & Maripol at Studio 54, 1978

Andy Warhol at Studio54, New York 1978

Andy Warhol at the Factory with the new issue of Interview Magazine, New York 1977

Andy Warhol at the Factory

Debbie Harry & Edwige at Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party, New york 1981

Bowie and Glenn O’Brien at GOB’s TV Party, New York 1978

Nina & Maripol, New York 1978

Ezther & Maripol on my roof, New York 1979

Lucille & Carmel, New York 1979

Ronnie Cutrone’s Cage, Mudd Club, New York 1981

Grace Jones, Bahamas 1979

Edwige, Ruth Marten, Bénédicte Siroux and John Venere, New York 1977

Olivier Mosset & Arto Lindsay, Brooklyn Bridge

Ruth Marten, New York 1976

Edwige by Ruth Marten, New York 1978

Studio 54, the Bride, New York 1978

The Plastics, New York 1979

Screamers, New York 1979

Evan & John Lurie, 1979

Terence sellers, The Correct Sadist, New York 1979

Leslie Fetish model, 1977

Madonna, New York 1983

Madonna & Martin Burgoyne, New York 1983

Klaus Nomi, New York 1978

Vincent Gallo, New York 1984

Jean Michel Basquiat & Ezther Balint, New York 1981

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