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The “Ladies” series of portraits taken in Switzerland after Edo’s return from New York, show a shift in style. They are a mature version of Figurines. They are faces, again, but they become sculptural busts, devoid of ornament. The grain of their skin, with only a touch of makeup, shows the marks of their past: they are grown up women, indeed.

“…Now it is their face and their dignity. A classic pose, hair pulled back. Only their head, neck and shoulders. And their fierce look declaring their pride in being a woman. A gaze from which you cannot look away.” 


Chiara, 2010

Laura, 2011

Jessica, 2011

Maud, 2011

Cristina, 2010

Micol, 2011

Nevia, 2012

Rebecca, 2011

Sinnove, 2011

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