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Edo’s faces were absolute strangers or close friends, all young protagonists of the night life below 14th Street. Many of them helped shape New York’s renewed artistic and cultural splendour. Obsessed by faces,  on his loft’s roof at Broadway and Bleecker Edo shot the “Figurines” series. He decided to experiment a ring flash on his still camera, fully illuminating his subjects, to let them appear almost physically dematerialised. Erasing the details and shadows from their faces, he made the pictures dissolve to create a seemingly cartoon like character.


“I have always fallen in love with women’s faces. It was their face their makeup and their dress….”


Robin, 1982

The Hat, 1979

Lucille, 1982

Wendy, 1982

Kiri, 1982

Leopard-a, 1979

Carmel, 1981

Chica, 1979

Holly, 1979

Karin, 1979

Anya, 1979

Ezther's friend, 1982

Debbie, 1979

Benedicte, 1978

Ann, 1979

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