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In December 1980 - January 1981, Edo directed Downtown 81, written by Glenn O'Brien and produced by Maripol. The movie shows a typical day of the young artist Jean Michel Basquiat, unknown at the time, and gives a view of the vibrant artistic and musical community of the then New York downtown scene.
These suggestive photographic series originated from Edo's 24 x 36 mm still camera and were shot during production breaks or directly captured during soundless filming.
Downtown 81 was selected for the "Quinzaine des Réalisateurs" at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000.


“Jean Michel was an unpredictable actor, I suppose he never read the script…. but his stage presence was an art in itself”


Origin of Cotton, New York 1980

Basquiat with car wreck, Lower East Side, New York 1980

Basquiat's Queensboro Bridge, New York 1981

Basquiat's Smoke, New York 1981

Basquiat's Livery Line, New York 1980

Basquiat's Ignorant, New York 1981

Basquiat's Guggenheim, New York 1981

Basquiat's Empire, New York 1980

Basquiat's Boom, New York 1981

Basquiat Political, New York 1980

Basquiat's 5th Street, New York 1980

Basquiat's Head, New York 1981

Basquiat Ignorant 2, New York 1981

Basquiat's Livery line 2, New York 1981

Basquiat 5AM, New York 1981

Basquiat's Helmet, New York 1981

Basquiat's Adidas, New York 1981

Claudi Porcelli & Basquiat, New York 1981

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